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Aston Martin DB7 GT - the only one finished in this colour and trim in the world!


Q: Why are Wedding Cars generally more expensive than normal hire cars?
A: Many exclusive Wedding Cars can cost well over £100,000!

Q: We only need the Aston Martin for a few hours, why can we not get a discount?
A: Even a short local hire results in at least a full days work!

Q: Will the car be clean and tidy?
A: The Aston Martin will be valeted and detailed ready for your big day!

Q: Are there any extras with the car?
A: We provide free favours and a free Aston Martin gift!

Q: Will the driver know where he is going?
A: We always pre-plan the route and carry 2 GPS systems as back-up!

Q: What will our driver be wearing?
A: The driver will wear a smart and presentable suit

Q: What if it's raining, will I get wet?
A: Our car has its own Umbrella!

Q: Can we pick our own music to listen to in the car?
A: Yes, we can arrange the CD/MP3 system to have your music choices ready!

Q: Can our guests look at the car, see the engine and listen to it?
A: Yes, we welcome anyone who is interested in the Aston Martin to step forward!

Q: Will the driver co-operate with the Venue and Photographer?
A: Yes, we always do our very best to meet everyones requirements!

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history of our aston martin

One of the most beautiful sportscars ever produced!

In 2003 the Aston Martin DB7 gave way to the DB9, the first DB9 commenced production when the final DB7's were started.
2017 marks the fourteenth year since the DB7 GT rolled off the Aston Martin production line and already the Aston Martin DB7 GT has aquired a classic status amongst the world's supercar collectors.
The Aston Martin DB7 GT with its uprated engine, suspension, brakes, interior and exterior styling enhancements make this a suitable swansong for the DB7 family.
Apart from being a collectors car it is also a very useable car which can be driven daily for both work and pleasure. A balance that was brilliantly achieved!
Comfortable, Luxurious, Thrilling and Exhillerating, why not make the grooms dreams come true with our Aston Martin V12 GT.