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Service Levels, Etiquette and Professionalism

Aston Martin DB7 GT - making our business ethics transparent for you!

We can offer you this very rare & "ultimate" Aston Martin DB7 GT!
Ok, so we can guarantee exclusivity for our Aston Martin.
Your wedding album will be the ONLY one featuring our Aston Martin within your circle of friends, unless of course you tip off your friends and they also request a booking.
Which brings me to the next topic of interest.
We simply do not accept "every" booking that comes our way.
Sometimes an Aston Martin just won't fit with the wedding theme or is not suited to the passengers requirements. Things like the Brides Dress might physically not fit into the car, remember, this is a Supercar.

With the above in mind I hope you can see that we care a lot about our service levels and that we are not about quantity and a fast buck!

You could ask yourself "Why our rates are lower than other supercar providers"?
We have very few associated costs with our Aston Martin.
Our Aston Martin is owned outright, no finance, no lease. We own it fully, 100%.
We do not have heavy repayments to meet, hence we can lower our rates to you.
Our rates do reflect the costs we incur running our Aston Martin and these include:
Servicing, Valeting, Detailing, Maintenance, Depreciation, Insurance and Taxes.
After which we make just enough profit to make this a viable business.

To check seating dimensions read about the Interior Dimensions here

Having a Bond Themed event? Then you need an Aston Martin!

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